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About Unlikely

Unlikely is a simple yet fun game, can you beat the scary clown in this card and dice game? This is a short horror game with dice and a creepy clown developed by Nacho Sama and for GMTK Jam, where you play dice with a hungry and very strange clown in a full room secret.


The game has many levels, it will be easy to pass the levels at first, so that it is easier for you to get used to the mechanics of the game, then it will become more and more difficult, and then each level will become a the most difficult test for you.


To score points is simple: take cards and dice and play them. For each match of cards whose numbers are equal to the equivalent dice, you will be given 1 point. In the first round you have 10 cards and you need to get 10 points. In the second round, you have fewer cards and have to repeat the score and so on. making the game unwinnable. Enjoy this intense game!

How To Play

Choose a card and remember the dice number shown on the card

Choose the dice below the table, for each dice correctly shown on the card, you will be given a point.

If no dice match the card, you can play again.

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