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Freddy's Chronicles

About Freddy's Chronicles

Welcome to the strange and chilling world of Freddy's Chronicles game! In this game, you will enter an old and long abandoned restaurant, where memories and nightmares intertwine. Legend has it that there is more to this place than meets the eye. As each night passes, you will move through strange corridors, uncover clues and solve puzzles to unravel the truth behind the mysteries that have haunted Freddy for decades. But be wary, every step could bring you closer to danger, as you find yourself pursued by evil animatronics lurking in the dark. You need to quickly find a way out of this monstrous house before your energy is depleted. Pay attention to pick up batteries along the way to keep Freddy running.


The game includes 8 levels, where exciting adventures and ice hunting await you. The progress you make on each level is also timed, so try to complete the level quickly. With the pizzas you've won, you can get more between levels while watching ads, you can buy new skins for Freddy and make yourself look like a different animatronic. Have fun playing the game and good luck!

How To Play

Use left and right arrow keys to move and jump
Press the up arrow twice to double jump
Press the down arrow to open the door.

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