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About Granny

You are suddenly stuck in your grandmother's gloomy house. Your main goal is to unlock the front door and escape within five in-game days. As you explore the house, you quickly realize that Grandma is not the sweet, innocent old lady she appears to be. Instead, she is a cruel and vengeful creature, equipped with superhuman hearing. Any noise you make can attract her attention and if she catches you, her punishment will be severe.


Granny game uses a first-person perspective, immersing players in a hair-raising environment. As you search for a means of escape, you must also collect items that can help you overcome obstacles and unlock the front door. However, be careful not to make a sound! Creaking floorboards, knocking over objects, or even stepping on a squeaky toy can alert grandma to your presence.


To survive, you must move silently, hide in closets or under beds, and carefully plan your every move. The tension builds as you feel Granny's cold presence approaching, made even more tense by strategically placed jump scares and unsettling sound effects. Don't forget to look out for hidden secrets and clues that can help you escape. Granny is a fascinating, haunting horror game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With an immersive atmosphere, tense gameplay, and the constant threat of Granny stalking you, this game guarantees a terrifying experience from start to finish.

How To Play

WASD- Move
E- Use objects
C- Crouch
R- Hide
Space- Drop object
Hold F to break beartrap

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