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Five Nights At Freddys Final Purgatory

About Five Nights At Freddys Final Purgatory

Five Nights At Freddys Final Purgatory is an excellent remake of the famous horror game FNAF 1. As the night guard, your job is to guard the room overnight from 12 midnight to 6 am. It sounds simple but be careful, the animatronics are rebelling, they wander through the rooms and along the corridors, as long as they detect you, they will attack. right away.


Notice the two doors in the room you are in. Closing is one of the main mechanics you need to remember because it's important if you want to keep monsters from being able to attack you. However, you cannot close the door completely because it will consume your energy. Remember that you only have 100% battery to control the door, lights and cameras until the next morning. Saving energy is necessary.


The way for you to save energy and survive until the next morning is to turn off the lights and open the door. The animatronics will make sounds every time they go somewhere, so listen to the sounds around you, and when you discover them near the door, close the door immediately. If the animatronics are right outside the door, they're not a problem, but if they come in and pull a jump scare, you lose and have to start over. With intense gameplay and jump scares, this game is not recommended for those with weak constitutions.

How To Play

Use the mouse to control the viewing angle and press the button to open and close the door or turn the light on and off.

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