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Grimace Birthday Escape

About Grimace Birthday Escape

The Beginning of Grimace Birthday Escape


Welcome to Grimace Birthday Escape, the ultimate horror game experience that will take you on an unforgettable adventure after waking up in the nightmare Grimace Birthday Shake. The Grimace Shake incident has left everyone terrified and now you must uncover the secrets hidden in Grimace's birthday party house. Play as our courageous protagonist as you embark on an extraordinary quest to unravel the secrets hidden within this mysterious drink. Despite its disturbing appearance, curiosity prompts you to take a sip of the Grimace Shake, and that's when the real adventure begins.


Style play


When entering the Grimace Birthday Escape game, you will find yourself trapped in a complex and mysterious maze, relentlessly pursued by the menacing Grimace monster. Your mission in this game is to find the door that opens new levels by discovering hidden clues, solving puzzling mysteries, and encountering bizarre characters who hold the key to your journey. your level.


To survive in the Grimace Birthday Escape game, collect Grimace Shake (Jus) juice on the way to level up. Grimace monsters can be anywhere in any number, run quickly away from them if you don't want to die, or throw the juice bottles you collect to destroy them if they are standing on the only path that you have to go through. Carefully calculate and throw the juice bottles accurately because the number of juice bottles is limited while the monsters are too numerous. And don't forget to look out for the red hearts. Collect those little life savers, they will heal you and keep you in the game. As you progress, you will discover the extraordinary powers that Grimace Shake grants you. Embrace these newfound abilities to navigate dangerous obstacles, manipulate your surroundings, and overcome formidable enemies that stand in your way.


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How To Play

WASD to move

Mouse to navigate

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