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Five Nights at Christmas

About Five Nights at Christmas

Prepare yourself for the scary adventure of Five Nights at Christmas - where you will have to do your best to survive dangerous and difficult nights in a cabin in the middle of a snowy forest. In this version, you are in a Christmas room but will not have close friends. Instead, the animatronic characters are malfunctioning and they go everywhere looking for and attacking people. A fun and happy holiday combined with a horror survival game will bring quite an interesting experience, start playing immediately!


This update has added 19 different electronic characters that players need to face. After each night and each level, players will clearly feel that it is more difficult to survive and scarier to overcome. The weather in this version is very cold and can cause your character to freeze. So the timer is limited and you need to complete the mission quickly. Make an effort to find useful items in your room or pick up keys to open doors and find any other items that can be useful and apply them as long as you can survive the night without dying. cold or attacked! Good luck!

How To Play

Move with WASD keys
Open doors or Pick up items and do something with them using the E key
Use the flashlight with the F key.

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