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About Krampus

Welcome to the dark and twisted world of Horror Tale Krampus, where nightmares come true and your deepest fears come true. According to legend, on Christmas, good children are visited by Santa Claus and vice versa, bad children are visited by Krampus - a terrible monster! And really unlucky, you are in the shoes of Jimy, a teenager who has not behaved this year, you need to be smart to survive while Krampus hunts you in this horror game. A horror adventure game with many puzzles, face your fears and melt Krampus! By completing the game, you will unravel the myths of Krampus, an ancient creature who punishes mischief. Do you dare to discover the hidden truth behind the twisted story of this monstrous creature?

How To Play

WASD or arrow keys = move
Left mouse button = interact / pick-up item
Right mouse button = drop item
C = crouch
Shift = sprint
Esc = pause

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