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Bear Haven

About Bear Haven

Bear Haven is a horror survival game inspired by FNAF, where teddy bears suddenly come to life and are filled with terrifying fury. Can you survive facing them?


The player's mission in Bear Haven game


In the Bear Haven game, you are a part-time electrician who has just taken a night shift job at the Bear Haven Motel. This place promises to pay you a high salary and you are very excited about this new job. However, when on the first shift, things are not as simple as you think. The bears are gentle and lovely during the day, but when night comes they become ferocious and ready to search and attack anyone. that they encounter.


Your mission in Bear Haven this game is to fix broken electrical items, lighting problems and security cameras need to be repaired as soon as possible, this will keep you very busy. During the repair process, you must be alert for bears. Run if you see a bear appear or when an incident occurs, then close the door and turn off the lights. Make sure to stay away from the bears if they attack you, try to avoid them at all costs because if you let them get too close and they attack, you will lose and have to start the game over from the beginning.


You'll only have a limited number of hours to solve the problem, so if by 6 a.m. things still aren't right, you'll be fired! So don't miss the chance to get a big payout for your work. Hope you have fun and enjoy every thrilling moment in this exciting adventure!

How To Play

Use your mouse to play

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