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FNAF Horror At Home

About FNAF Horror At Home

FNAF Horror At Home is a thrilling and creepy horror game inspired by the famous Five Nights at Freddy's series. However, your role in this game is completely different. This time, our hero decided to scare two naughty children. To do this, Freddy went to a children's toy store and pretended to be a kind bear so that the children's parents could buy him home. This isn't your typical playtime, as you're on a mission to scare a daring boy and a curious girl in three separate situations, all the while staying one step ahead in front of a watchful eye. of their parents.


The game will take you through two different game mechanics which are 'Frighten' which fills the fear meter at an alarmingly fast rate, but increases the risk of getting caught. And the next mechanism is 'Scare' which will fill the meter at a slower measurement rate, minimizing the chance of alerting parents.


In FNAF Horror At Home game, you have to complete the mission by filling up the battery (which is shown in the top right corner) within the given time. The time in which you have to complete the task is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.


The game's scenario consists of three different parts, each offering its own challenges.

  • In the first part, you're tasked with making the boy shiver while his father walks around the room in an ever-vigilant manner.
  • The second scenario opens with the mission haunting the girl, while also navigating the watchful gaze of her attentive mother.
  • And in the ultimate test of your ability to scare, the third scenario requires you to simultaneously give both kids a spook to remember, while hiding from the prying eyes of both parents.
How To Play

Left click on the Freddy character next to the clock below to play.

Hold down the fear meter on the right or left side of the meter when you want to scare your child

Release your hand when you want to stop so as not to be discovered by the child's parents.

The tip for you to easily win is that when you see your parents display a red warning exclamation mark, release your hand immediately

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