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UCN Jumpscare Simulator

About UCN Jumpscare Simulator

The UCN Jumpscare Simulator game is a thrilling and engaging experience that takes players on a scary journey where you will have to observe carefully and act quickly to escape death. In the game UCN Jumpscare Simulator, You are in a trap in a tiny guard's room, you cannot run away or ask for help. Confronting evil cartoon characters head-on is the only thing you can do. You will see all the familiar faces from the Fnaf series of games. Characters like Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Phone Guy, Mangie, Balloons Boy, Jay-Jay, Puppet, Dark Bonnie, Red White Bonnie, Gold Freddy, Springtrap and Plushtrap are all in this game. From there, you will memorize the gestures and sounds of the characters to progress further in games of the Fnaf genre.


In the UCN Jumpscare Simulator game, you can decide which enemy characters you want to see and hear when they attack you by choosing to click on the character you want to confront. See how the character acts and dances along with the scary sounds that represent each different character. However, like many other versions, the characters are angry and ready to attack you immediately so when the character is opened, you will have to click outside that FNAF character for a short time. , recommended in less than a second. Any delay from you will be an opportunity for them to attack you and the game will end.

How To Play

Click on character selection to play

Click the left mouse button in the space behind the character to escape

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