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TrollFace Quest: USA

About TrollFace Quest: USA

Are you ready to try some really difficult and very interesting puzzles? If so then play this brand new adventure game called TrollFace Quest: USA. You will challenge yourself with completely new puzzles, but not everyone can solve them!


Challenge your mind with the fun TrollFace Quest: USA game


TrollFace Quest: USA is filled with American-themed puzzles that are both puzzling and entertaining, this thrilling point and click adventure game will take you on a journey through many of America's most legendary stories. Use your detective skills to avoid being scammed, even if it seems impossible. Are you smart enough to get through this epic point and click mission while exiting each level completely wild?


Your task in this game is to observe people around you, find and click on different elements in each level. The goal is to find the correct sequence of actions to solve the puzzle set before you. If you get stuck, don't worry! Use available hints to help you.

How To Play

Simple game navigation


USE THE MOUSE to search for clues.

LEFT CLICK to choose an item that might solve each puzzle.

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