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SCP-087 Road To Hell

About SCP-087 Road To Hell

Put on your headphones and enjoy the horror like never before in the horror game SCP-087 Road To Hell. Experience the darkness filled with dangers lurking around, can you survive these 20 terrifying minutes?


Experience the dramatic escape space in the SCP-087 Road To Hell game.


SCP-087 Road To Hell is a popular horror game in 3D mode from a first-person perspective that promises to bring you unprecedented horror and impressive experiences. You are being taken to a secret laboratory famous for conducting cruel experiments on human subjects - Project named SCP-087. Today is the terrifying day, when you need to start fighting your fears and live the 20-minute challenge so you can find a way out of this cruel laboratory.


Apart from a flashlight, you don't have any equipment to defend yourself and fight, you have to risk going down step by step in the long dark staircase corridor. Who knows what might be lurking behind the thick darkness? Sometimes there will be creepy sounds, strange rustling, creaking, and even children's laughter and cries that can drive even the bravest man crazy. Be very wary of your surroundings because sometimes you will encounter some strange and scary creatures lurking in the dark, waiting to attack victims like you.


Find a way out of SCP-087 Road To Hell


The most important task for players in SCP-087 Road To Hell is to find a way out of this crazy laboratory. You must discover the dark secrets hidden within the walls of this mysterious structure. Use your observation and critical thinking skills to uncover the truth behind SCP-087's sinister secrets. Look for clues that will help you deal with the monster if it happens, but until you have everything you need, don't bother with it and instead make sure you hide and avoid the ghosts , monsters as well as various traps and dangers and move quickly toward the exit.

How To Play

WASD to move
Space key to jump
Shift to run
Use the mouse to look around
When you go through a dark place, Use a lighter to guide yourself through.

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