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Poppy Huggie Escape

About Poppy Huggie Escape

Can you escape the horrifying fear that awaits you in Poppy Huggie Escape? This scary monster is chasing right behind you, can you escape it?



Story in Poppy Huggie Escape


When participating in the Poppy Huggie Escape game , the beloved stuffed toy Huggy Wuggy will reveal his true nature and become full of ferocity. It begins the hunt for its little master. You must help the boy escape from this evil monster by navigating through all the obstacles and not stopping. The boy will automatically run, observe the road in front of him to promptly take quick actions and react to obstacles at lightning speed. You will have to jump over chairs and sometimes slide under spiked barriers. If you hesitate, Huggy immediately attacks the boy! If that happens, the child will die and you will have to start over. Don't look back, you're running out of time. Once you've got some keys, you can trade Huggy for another monster — Foxy from FNAF, the terrifying impostor from Among Us, or Sonic.exe.



How To Play

How to survive in Poppy Huggie Escape game


Press the up arrow key to jump over ground obstacles

Press the down arrow key to slide under the obstacle above

Collect keys to open doors at the end of each level.

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