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About Kuzbass

Kuzbass game will take you into a thrilling 3D online horror game that will test your courage. The game requires players to face a series of challenges and dangers in an abandoned village in Kemerovo Oblast, Russia. Do you have the courage to go to the end of this game?


The plot in Kuzbass game


In the game Kuzbass, you will play the role of a boy named Slavik and go with his family to the village where his grandmother's funeral is held. However, when you arrive here, you will clearly see that something scary is going on here.


Everything around was dark, gloomy and dead. There were very few people in the area. Something is wrong here and needs to be explored. You must discover the terrible secrets of the abandoned village.


You discover that there is a scary witch behind the chaos. She is haunting the village, seeking to consume the souls of anyone who comes too close. Face a crazy witch and supernatural happenings in this horror game.


Gameplay in Kuzbass game.


To succeed in the Kuzbass game, you must use your intelligence and courage to discover the secrets of the village and defeat the witch. The game features mesmerizing voice-over dialogues, enhancing the engaging storytelling. Every word in the game is done by actors.


As you explore the strange landscape, you will encounter puzzles that will require your wits and courage. Can you withstand the psychological attack, solve the puzzles and prevail against the madness that has gripped Kuzbass?

How To Play


Simple game operations


WASD or arrow keys = move

E = pick-up item or use mechanism

C = crouch (stealth mode)

I = open/close inventory

Mouse wheel = select item in the inventory

Tab = pause

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