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About Kirka.io

Welcome to our free online game called Kirka.io. This game promises to bring you an extremely attractive fighting experience. Are you confident in your ability to strategize and master your gun skills? Hiding won't help you win, so run, jump and shoot to win.

Fierce battle space in Kirka.io


Kirka.io is an online FPS game with a voxelated art style that will pit players in a deadly competition with other players from around the world. The game is played in a first-person perspective and the objective is to eliminate all enemy players and be the last one standing. Topping the rankings is extremely difficult because enemies will always be lurking around you. Be on high alert and quickly attack any enemy you see.

Kirka.io game has up to 14 different maps along with 6 comfortable game modes for you to experience and explore. You can play in team, solo mode or parkour in many different battle locations that you have never experienced before. Master the intricacies of different weapon types to come out on top in any situation. Progress quickly, unlock exciting skins and treasure chests with valuable items inside.


Tips to get a high position on the rankings in Kirka.io game


To get a high position on the leaderboard and win this game requires a combination of skill, strategy and a little luck.

Tactical Expansion: Plan your moves carefully. Expand your territory strategically, aiming to cut off your opponents and take over the majority of the map.

Perception: Follow the minimap to track the movements of other players. Anticipate their actions and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Manage power ups: Use your powers wisely

How To Play

W: Move forward
S: Move backward
A: move left
D: move right
SPACE: jump
C: Crouch
SHIFT: dash
1,2,3,4,5: Switch item
Q: Switch item back

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