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About Isaacle

Join us in the exciting word guessing game in Isaacle game. If you have ever played games like Wordle, Loldle, and Costcodle, you will definitely be interested and more easily successful in this fun thinking game Isaacle. Developed independently, Isaacle offers an innovative twist on the traditional format, giving gaming fans an engaging and thrilling experience.


How to play Isaacle


In the Isaacle game, you have to find the theme item of the day, note that each day the items will change differently, they come in all genres and this will make you feel extremely confused. Guessing the item is not easy, but as long as you focus on your thinking and deduce from the available suggestions after each guess, I'm sure you will find the result and be surprised by it. Players must analyze different aspects of the hint, such as color, genre, description, etc. to infer the correct item.


Players will choose their favorite mode from difficult to easy, then enter and select any word they want in the "Guess Today's Isaac Item!" box. The system will then analyze and give you suggestions related to the exact item you need to guess correctly based on the item you just guessed incorrectly. By analyzing the clues provided, the player can deduce the correct item and progress in the game.


Category Legend


After guessing an item, the system will analyze for you the indicators of whether the item you just guessed is correct or not based on color. If the index you guessed is correct or matches the item you are looking for, the category box will display Green. If the guess is partially correct, the box displays Orange, and if the guess is incorrect, it displays Red. Below are suggested categories for you:


Quality: Rate how close you are to guessing that day's item based on a scale of 0 to 4.

Type: Item type can only be Passive or Active. This is determined by taking the initial item when Isaac has no other items left.

Item Pool: this is where items can appear in The Binding of Isaac (for example: Devil Room, Golden Chest, Item Room, Key Beggar, Library
Mom's Chest..). Distinguishing between groups will help you increase your ability to answer questions correctly as quickly as possible.

Description: General description of the characteristics of the item you are looking for. For example, Contact DMG - Anything that does Contact Damage like Familiars or gives Isaac Contact Damage. Ex. Big Chubby, Leech, Taurus.

Colors: Predict which color group the item belongs to, from there you can quickly deduce it.

Unlock: Determine whether the item is unlocked or not.

Release: Gives you information about which version of the game the item appears in. Note Cricket's Head counts as Rebirth.

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