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FNAF 6: Salvage Room

About FNAF 6: Salvage Room

PLOT in FNAF 6: Salvage Room game


FNAF 6: Salvage Room will bring players a completely new game space but no less horror and suspense like other versions in the game Five Nights At Freddy's. The Salvage Room is a room provided to players after the end of their shift each night. It was dimly lit by what looked like a single tungsten bulb above. The only things visible are a wooden table, cassette player, maintenance checklist, and electronics being salvaged. It was impossible to determine the size of the room because of poor lighting. Every night, there is another animatronic on the other side of the table, be wary of it and don't wake it up.


Style play


You must listen carefully to the recording, take notes, and at the same time monitor any strange movements of the cartoon character in the Salvage Room.


When the cartoon character changes or makes strange noises, press SHOCKER to calm it down. When the aggression level is high, the animatronic will attack you.


If you successfully research the animatronic you will receive a bonus for each session.

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