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Five Nights at Fulp’s

About Five Nights at Fulp’s

If you are familiar with the game FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy's), surely this version of Five Nights at Fulp's will bring you the most haunting gameplay that will stimulate the most excitement in you.


Five Nights at Fulp's game content


Five Nights at Fulp's is a survival horror game based on the original FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy's). In this new storyline, you will also play a security guard who needs to work many night shifts at a location where you have just been recruited. But this time it's not a pizzeria but the Newgrounds office. Your mission is the same - take care of the building and make sure no one breaks in while staying hidden to survive until the next morning.


Dangerous robot characters will sneak into the room and attack you without your knowledge, so watch them carefully. Remember not to close your eyes for even a second to rest and as soon as you detect a lurking danger, turn off the lights and close the door tightly.


The characters


Dangerous characters are always stalking you in the dark wherever you go. Remember their characteristics to come up with the right strategies to protect your own life.


Stepford: Stepford always follows the same route to your office and will always restart on the stage.

Ritz: moves randomly, so pay attention to them!

Tankman: avoid because he can attack from both sides of the office.

Pico: Pico won't bite you, but he will trap you through the vent to steal your powers.

Hank: Hank can hide in the shadows and sometimes completely hide himself from the camera.

Tomar: Make sure you collect his emeralds, otherwise he will become a cranky boy.

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