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Electron Dash

About Electron Dash

Conquer the end of the space tunnel in the Electron Dash game.


Electron Dash is a fun and fast-paced game with stunning 3D graphics that gives players the feeling of speed and extreme thrill while playing this game. In the game, you will control an astronaut running on gem roads with sparkling neon lights. The tunnel is beautiful and endlessly long without an end, but it is also full of deadly traps and challenges that make you restless.


Your task is to run and jump from one platform to another. Precisely align the jump point to reach the target accurately if you don't want to be thrown out of space. Be careful to choose a solid background to move on and move to the light blue background as little as possible. Because they are easy to crash as soon as you touch these platforms. You will also need flexible movements to jump and sideways to overcome difficult passages. In particular, the farther you run, the more difficult the game becomes.


Face countless obstacles in Electron Dash


The biggest obstacle for you in this Electron Dash game is the platforms you run on, they are interwoven with unexpected white spaces that make you unable to keep up. Avoiding or jumping over them is the only way you can continue to survive. In addition, the game will have many different obstacles that you need to avoid. These can include walls, moving barriers, rotating objects, red lasers or other dangerous elements. Collision with any obstacle will result in losing the game and you will have to start the level again.

In addition, speed is also a big challenge. The longer you play, the faster the game's speed will increase, making it difficult for you to observe the road ahead to find a safe path. This is also the attractive point of the game, focus completely and challenge all your skills. Live a cosmic experience and have fun testing your reflexes and infinite patience!

How To Play

Control the character


You can control the electron with the arrow keys (up, down, left and right) or the WASD keys (W for up, A for left, S for down and D for right).

  • Up Arrow or W: Jump
  • Left Arrow or A: Move Left
  • Right Arrow or D: Move Right
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