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ClownScapades Rally

About ClownScapades Rally

Join us on a chilling and dangerous journey into a world full of danger and terror in ClownScapades Rally game. This is a first-person horror adventure game that takes you into the twisted nightmare of a clown-haunted sewer.


ClownScapades Rally game content


ClownScapades Rally is a stylized survival horror game revolving around the main character who begins having nightmares after encountering a clown named Clownie at a birthday party. You meet the clown Scapades Rally at your own birthday party and somehow the clown leads you into a strange dream, a dark tunnel opens - where that world is Dozens of souls need your salvation. During these visions, you will have the opportunity to discover the forgotten stories of the souls who perished while exploring this dark dungeon. As players move through strange environments, their goal is to free the trapped souls hidden deep within these nightmares.


ClownScapades Rally offers multiple game modes


To enhance the user experience in this tense horror game, ClownScapades Rally also offers many game modes with different missions:

  • Survival mode, players must endure random events and survive for a certain period of time.
  • Escape mode challenges them to find their way out by solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles.
  • Collect Mode tasks players with locating and collecting various targets scattered throughout the levels, delving deeper into the game's secrets.

ClownScapades Rally offers players a gripping and immersive horror experience filled with dangerous, suspenseful and terrifying encounters. With a haunting atmosphere and creepy sounds, this game will stimulate your nerves to the highest level, making you unable to stop exploring it. Have fun!

How To Play

Use the mouse to play

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