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Bizarre Custom Night

About Bizarre Custom Night

Prepare for a truly unique and terrifying experience with the new game Bizarre Custom Night, where you will once again play the role of a young and brave security guard and do everything you can to survive until the day comes. work the next day. Whether you're a seasoned FNAF veteran or new to the series, Bizarre Custom Night offers endless possibilities for surprisingly creative and fun gameplay.


Your task in this Bizarre Custom Night game is to guard an old warehouse with all kinds of stuff including glorious metal giants that have delighted the children more than once. You think your job is simple until you actually start doing it. The cartoon characters that come to life at night and turn into bloodthirsty killers will definitely make you shiver and strain to avoid them. Do you have enough courage to survive until the next morning? Good luck..

How To Play

Mouse: Navigate menus, interact with objects, and control camera movement.

Keyboard: Use keyboard shortcuts like closing doors, turning on lights, and accessing other gameplay mechanics.

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